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    The Hospitality Students International Cornell Chapter was founded in 2002 by Cornell University School of Hotel Administration and the Cornell International Hoteliers Association (CIHA). It was established to assist students with professional development in international hospitality, to provide them with opportunities to broaden their global business perspectives, and to share our knowledge and experiences in the global hospitality industry.


    HSI works to increase multicultural and global awareness among students at the Hotel School through social, educational, cultural, and professional experiences.

    It provides support for student development by creating international work opportunities and serves as a source of information by building international friendships and contacts.

    HSI cultivates a truly global network of social and professional contacts with alumni members, international industry leaders, and global hospitality programs.

  • Events

    Upcoming Events and Previous Events

    Pocky Day Sale (2017)

    HSI will be holding Pocky Day Sale to fundraise for conference in the spring semester.

    International food tasting day (2017)

    HSI presented the International Food Tasting Day at Park Atrium to introduce traditional food from diverse countries. Also, HSI presented about the basic information, current events, and business culture related to the regions.

    2017-2018 Timeline

    HSI will go through various processes to help the students develop and prepare themselves for the real world through interview/resume workshop and case study presentation. To provide students with opportunities to explore culture, HSI will also hold International Food Tasting Day and Pocky Day Fundraising events.

    Rose Gram (2017)

    HSI held fundraising event by selling roses and used the money for another exotic food tasting session for students to gain knowledge about internship in different countries.

    Exotic Food Tasting (2016)

    HSI Presented the Exotic Food Tasting event, which introduces traditional foods from around the world and current events related to the regions introduced.

    Cornell China Conference (2015)

    Cornell China Conference each year brings together the most innovative, thought-provoking and interesting ideas for members and sponsors. In the past, HSI has hosted the Hospitality panel at Cornell China Conference, inviting speakers such as Teddy Zhang.

    Internship Panel (2014)

    This panel introduced each international company such as Horwarth, IHG, Swire Hotels, and HVS, and its respective industry. Career Services also shared information on the internship application process.

  • E-board Members

    Executive Board Members 2018-2019

    Irene byun


    Class of 2020


    Heidi Myung

    Senior Advisor

    Class of 2019

    I am Korean-American, having been born and raised in America my entire life, while appreciating the culture my parents and grandmother was able to relay to me. Through this experience, I took it upon myself to study abroad for a year in Seoul, South Korea, and was able to truly learn the value of culture, and how deeply the world is interconnected. HSI allows me to continue studying and observing the role of international politics and economics, especially from a hospitality perspective. I hope to to uphold this objective, and enjoy doing so through various other activities I take part in.

    Seyoung Heo

    Senior Advisor

    Class of 2019

    I am a senior at Cornell School of Hotel administration. With passion in hospitality industry, I am exploring the operation management by getting hands-on experience and studying the business of hospitality. This past summer, I worked at Restaurant Associates as a management intern.

    Claudia Choi

    VP of Events

    Class of 2019

    Claudia Choi is from San Francisco, California and she is a senior studying at Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. She is currently involved in HSI as the VP of Events as well HSMAI as a Project Manager. She is also involved in other organizations such as Cornell's Photo Society, Cornell Real Estate, and HEC. Her current focus is developing skill sets for entrepreneurship and she is looking forward to meeting and learning more from fellow peers.

    Kelly Kim

    VP of Marketing

    Class of 2020

    I'm a junior in Hotel School. I'm interested in marketing, finance and consulting industry and I have previously interned in marketing and finance departments of different hotels in Korea. I would like to explore the difference in business culture based on the countries and it became one of the main reason I joined HSI.

    David shin

    VP of Finance

    Class of 2021


    Jae Kwang Lee

    VP of Internal

    Class of 2021

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